Catharsis For Reconciliation

The truth can serve as a catharsis for Reconciliation. What does this mean? Well, in essence it means there can be no true reconciliation without acknowledging factual events as truth. I call this process credible living.
As I continue to travel this journey of living a credible lifestyle I had a very recent experience which truly opened up eyes to how important living authentically is and how living any other way can limit us to living a life without any true substance or grit. I was engaging in a conversation with someone recently (without an audience) and as I listened to the person speak, I suddenly became aware of one simple yet powerful truth, the individual was not brave enough to be authentic. 
The entire conversation was painful to hear and observe. I watched and listened to a story so far from the truth that I realized the lie the person was speaking had become their reality. I can honestly tell you there is no greater sorrow in the human spirit than to watch someone pursue…
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